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Some Biodynamic Preparations

    • #500 ­ Horn Manure: Cow manure is packed into cow horns and buried in the ground over the winter. After stirring -- greatly diluted -- in water for one hour, it is applied to the soil. It develops soil structure and humus and promotes extensive root growth in plants, better enabling them to take up water and nutrients. This preparation establishes the relationship between the plant and earth forces.
    • #501 ­ Horn Silica: A tiny amount of quartz crystal, finely pulverized, is stirred in water for one hour and sprayed on crops, typically in late spring or early summer, to stimulate photosynthesis and enhance the light metabolism of plants. Silica influences the appearance, aromas, flavors, and keeping qualities of crops. This preparation establishes the relationship between the plant and cosmic forces.
    • #502 ­ Yarrow: Helps plants to attract trace nutrients and increases sensitivity to water.
    • #503 ­ Chamomile: Influences calcium activity and stabilizes nitrogen.
    • #504 ­ Stinging Nettles: Influences potash and calcium forces and stimulates soil health.
    • #505 ­ Oak Bark: Provides healing forces to combat harmful plant diseases.
    • #506 ­ Dandelion Flowers: Stimulates the relationship between silica and potassium so that silica can attract cosmic forces to the soil.
    • #507 ­ Valerian: Influences phosphorous and warmth forces, protecting plants in the cold.
    • #508 ­ Horsetail: Prevents or lessens the effects of mildew and fungus on plants.