Why Biodynamics

Chromatographic images of a Biodynamic (left) and a Conventional carrot. 
The wide pink band in the conventional shows a near absence of mineral content. 
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What's Special About Biodynamics?

The name "Biodynamic" means “working with the energies which create and maintain life.” Biodynamic Agriculture is a world-wide non-chemical agriculture movement founded by Rudolf Steiner in 1924 which pre-dates “organics” by two decades. But, Biodynamics is about more than avoiding chemicals. It actively restores the depleted life giving forces of the planet concentrating cosmic and earthly energies into special preparations that act like homeopathic remedies for the microbial, plant, and animal life on the farm.
  • Biodynamic produce has more concentrated nutrient value: see biodynamics.in 
  • This study found compelling links between eating biodynamic food and increased vitality, and improved immune function and feeling of overall well-being: see biodynamic.org.uk 
  • Crop yields are higher for biodynamic cultivation and chemical analysis of Biodynamic farm soil has demonstrated higher organic content and microbial activity, more earthworms, better soil structure, and thicker top soil. See: bionutrient.org
“In conventional farming you are taking more from the earth than you are giving back. In organic farming, you try to give back the same amount as you take out. In Biodynamics, you give more back to the earth than you take out.”
- Andrew Whitby, a young BD farmer
      at the National BDA conference 2011

For more information about Biodynamics, please see this excellent article from the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association’s website (BDA): See: What is Biodynamics  

Farmer Erik Stands by Flow Form which creates energized water
that will be the medium for the BD preps applied to fields.

At the heart of Biodynamics lies recognition of basic principles at work in nature which form the basis through which balance and healing take place.

What Biodynamic Farmers and CSA Have in Common
  • To care for the earth and heal the environment
  • Quality food for body, mind and spirit
  • Build community
  • Reconnect with the land and with all of nature
  • Support spiritual farming
 Biodynamic farming is a science, an art, a business, and a spiritual practice requiring great knowledge and continuous study; honed management skills; creativity; physical strength and stamina; dedication, sacrifice and risk; and cooperation with workers, consumers and nature. Farming also requires a unique virtue, called surrender in spiritual terms, which involves putting your whole heart and soul into what you do and being willing to give it all up when it doesn’t turn out as you expected.

Children Stir the BD Preps in Water that will Help the Plants to Grow.

Many Biod
ynamic gardens and farms are educational centers, many are models for the future of food production involving now popular concepts like: local, sustainable, environmentally friendly, economic parity (living wage and the true cost of food). All are models for how to produce and consume the healthiest food available, true food as nature intended, infused with the forces of life for physical, mental and spiritual nourishment.
It Tastes Better!
We encourage our members to have blind taste tests of biodynamic vs conventional food. Here is the response by one of our members:

"I don't need to do a blindfold test!  I've recently eaten watermelon from a conventional farm.  It was redder but definitely not as tasty.  This week's  [biodynamic] watermelon was the best I've ever tasted.  It was delicious down to and including some of the non red/pink part.  Last week's was wonderful too!"  ~Margaret

What is Biodynamic Agriculture Really About?
Biodynamics was started in 1924 by farmers and soil scientists who chose not to follow the world into the widely promoted “chemical future”. Even in 1924, there was noticeable degradation in quality of soil, seed, plant and animal. In the time of Aristotle…it was recognized that relationships exist between certain cosmic constellations and the various plant species. Life processes are possible only between terrestrial forces streaming towards the periphery and cosmic forces raying from the periphery towards the earth.

Animal Husbandry is an important part of Biodynamic Farming

According to Steiner one has only to penetrate this material world to discover that it is indeed the spiritual world. The farmer, mediating between the realms of nature (mineral, plant, animal) and human, is creating a new agriculture which supports more developed forms of life.
We are inspired by the belief that True Food nourishes the body and the human spirit.

“Every idea that does not become an ideal for you kills a force in your soul, but every idea that becomes an ideal for you creates forces of life within you.” Rudolf Steiner

We believe that this IS going to be the future of food production everywhere.

Biodynamic Diet and Food Sensitivity, observations by a CSA member      

The Role of Farmers in "Biodynamic Farmers- Backbone of a Spiritual (R)Evolution"        

Healing the Soil and Creating Spiritual Food by Victor Landa

Some examples of Biodynamic preparations

More on the importance of soil and of sun on our foods.
(Biodynamics takes this a step further by harnessing planetary and cosmic energies. With this combination, we can see how Biodynamic food can help us to evolve.)

We want our bodies to function and thrive at a high vibration, and in order to do that we need to be consuming foods that are of a higher vibration. There is a vibrational heart connection with the soil and the sun. When we combine the two by growing (vegetables) in soil and then allowing them to green up with the sun, it raises the vibration... To maintain optimum health and support the healing process, the mind and body need the life force energy that is present in foods that are filled with life and light. Filling your body with foods filled with light will feed your cells and raise your body's vibration.

-- Dr. Christopher

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Enjoy this beautiful photo from the Josephine Porter Institute website and inspiring messages from the Biodynamic community at biodynamics.com

As never before, the earth as a living being is calling out to us for recognition, for healing, for sacred and sustainable ways of tending her soil, plants, animals, and landscapes.

Biodynamics is a spiritual-ethical-ecological approach to agriculture, food production and nutrition.

Biodynamics is thus not just a holistic agricultural system but also a potent movement for new thinking and practices in all aspects of life connected to food and agriculture.

 From:  www.biodynamics.com