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Living An Ideal

Living an Ideal


How often do we make compromises in our work, our life choices, our politics because we feel hopeless/helpless, or that the problems are too big, or the choices too limited, or that our lives are already too complex and we just can’t spare the time, focus or energy to do what we know is right and good? 

How often do we compromise on our ideals?? 


Joining the CSA is an opportunity to live an ideal – to do the right thing, to make a difference.

We don’t participate only because -

Ø     the food is good . . .  even though it is

Ø     it’s good for our health . . .  even though it is

Ø     it teaches me and my family to eat better . . .  even though it does

Ø     I eat new things I wouldn’t otherwise try

Ø     I eat with the seasons

Ø     It simplifies my life because I pay upfront and then don’t have to think about changing prices according to what "the market ' decides, nor even what to cook and eat because I take what is offered.


We participate in this CSA because,

Ø     It is consumer-organized giving the farmers the time to get down to what they know best -- nurturing the soil, growing good food and healing the earth

Ø     We can get involved in distribution (packing shares, setting up, sorting, weighing, bagging, labeling, loading vans etc.) giving members a chance to get in touch with the food, and freeing farmers and their budget to focus on growing it

Ø     We receive an array of items that not only rounds out the weekly menu but keeps us supporting and encouraging more new farms

Ø     It testifies that a new economic paradigm can be a reality

Ø     It proves that when people dare to take responsibility for their own destiny, work together and sacrifice if necessary, that values and principles such as truth, cooperation, love and peace that we all long for are upheld for the good of all

"The Spiritual Food CSA offers an extraordinary opportunity for like-minded people to come together in community to manifest, by acting directly and consciously, the model of a new world on which a new positive collective consciousness will be built."

-Victor (Vyasa) Landa, Founder and Director