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Our History

How Spiritual Food CSA has grown since 1998:

 ·       From 26 to average 130 share memberships representing over 170 families including those with half shares

·       From half year, to two seasons, to full year, and now many options for participating throughout the year

·       From 1 pick up location to 7 and counting (at the homes of members + a school)

·       From all volunteer (even weekly drives to the farm) to staff of: (1) Manager, (2) Transportation (3) Set up assistance (4) occasional interns

and members still love to help with the chores.  (Core volunteers who are not even members come regularly for weekly set up)

·       From one vegetable farm with a few Biodynamic supplements to now working with an array of biodynamic and organic producers

·       average 70% renewal rate

·       average 60-80% of members volunteer

*    In 2013, began packing shares into boxes in Bethesda thus reducing need for member volunteers at the other sites. 

·       Active online (yahoo) group for exchanging shares, recipes and news

·       special orders for extra food

*      January 2017, 2 new young farmers take over the main farm Kimberton CSA; maintain the Biodynamic certification

*      2018, still averaging 70% renewal rate

What is unique about this CSA?

·     Biodynamic and Organic

·       Beyond One Farm

·       Year Round

.       Consumer based and part of a values-based service-oriented community

Building Community based  on trust, honesty, love, compassion, understanding and care for each other as brothers and sisters