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Special Orders

The Spiritual Food CSA (SFCSA) is the local counterpart to the Spiritual Food’s nationwide Mail Order Service (MOS). CSA members may order at any time from the MOS to have items packed for pick up on Wednesdays and picked up in Bethesda or delivered to one of the other CSA pick up locations.  Fresh fruit orders are shipped directly from the farm to you. For a list of these items please click here and scroll down to SFNM Biodynamic and Organic Food list.  The most popular items are the Bread, Yogurt and Eggs and many people have standing orders. 

The Bethesda location carries additional items that may be found on location in person, or ordered for delivery to the other CSA sites with your share. We call this Shanti Yoga Prasad, as it began as an adjunt service to the yoga center here. We borrowed the Sanskrit word "prasad" (meaning food offered in worship) as we are offering these special/sacred items to our members. The list includes cooking oils, raw nut butters, and healthy snacks, and also body care (including Ayurvedic) and environmentally friendly cleaning products. All items are organic, Biodynamic, and or Fair Trade, and we only offer things that we in the Ashram have tried and use ourselves from places we believe deserve to be supported. For a list of available items please click here. Delivery is available only to current CSA members (and current members of the Dairy program) but anyone connected with the ashram can go at the garage in Bethesda; your friends are welcome but please refer them to contact us at 301-654-4899 before coming the first time so we may give them a brief overview of our self-serve operation. 

From either product list, members may place a one-time or a “standing order”, meaning, they receive the same items weekly/bi-weekly/monthly (e.g.: yogurt, dozen eggs, fresh bread, etc.). Invoices are sent separately.

To place an order e-mail
  or call 301-654-4899.

Mail Order Service

The Spiritual Food for the New Millennium’s (SFNM) Mail Order Service (MOS) ships Biodynamic and Sattwic Organic food around the country. Click here to go directly to the information page of SFNM and a link to the product list. To place an order, please send an email to

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SFNM was started by Victor (Vyasa Deva) Landa back in 1997, when, struck by the potential of Biodynamic food to be a catalyst for spiritualizing people's consciousness, he and his wife Lakshmi offered to manage the mail order service started by the Biodynamic Farmers and Gardeners Association (BDA).


SFNM’s mission is to:

  1. spiritualize people’s consciousness by making biodynamic food available,
  2. help shift society away from predatory corporate practices and destructive market forces by ensuring fair and good compensation is paid to farmers who provide True Food at a time when the "conventional"  agriculture yields spiritually impoverishing and physically poisonous "food",
  3. to support Biodynamic Farmers by assuming the burden of marketing and distributing their products, allowing them to focus on the vital work of farming. 


For more information on why Biodynamics is so special, see the website of the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association: and, read three beautiful small books by Vyasa Deva that explain the inspirations behind and the ideals ahead of this ultimately monumental project:

  • Biodynamic  Farmers: Backbone of a Spiritual (R)evolution

  • Peaceful (R)evolution, Spiritual Food and Social Transformation

  • A Plan of Action, The impact of Demeter Biodynamic Agriculture on Consumers

These are all available on the site here at or in print from the center. We really encourage MOS and CSA members to read these booklets to gain a better sense of how by simply being a member of SFNM you are truly participating in a beautiful and noble endeavor.