Service Projects

Feeding the Homeless


Not everyone can afford to join a CSA. Our founder, Victor Vyasa Landa, desiring to bring healthy food to as many people as possible, initiated the Feeding the Homeless program in 2008 through the CSA’s sister organization, the Essene Church of Peace. My Organic Market (MOM's) and Spring Mill Bakery donate food weekly, sometimes our main farm the Kimberton CSA donates produce, and along with organic food donations from Essene Church members and volunteers a home-cooked meal is served to 120-150 homeless or hungry men, women, and children in DC’s Franklin Park. Volunteers are welcome to help prepare, serve, and clean up after the service. Alternative health services and clothing/book donations are also offered in the park. If you would like more information, please see To find out about volunteering, please email:

Teaching Impoverished Women to Grow their Own Food


The Women’s Self Reliance Program (WSRP) has taught poverished women to grow their own food using intensive gardening methods along with nutrition information classes and home business skills since 2004. To date this program has been taken by invitation to Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Bolivia, Venezuela, and US cities including Washington DC. To read a ten year report, and find out more about this program, which is run by the CSA’s sister non-profit, GCFP (Global Coalition for Peace) please visit the section Teaching Gardening for Self-Reliance and Food Sovereignty on the School of Life website:

Alternative Economic Model


Aparigraha: An Economic Paradigm for a Culture of Peace

Aparigraha is an alternative economic paradigm based on the spiritual principles of yoga philosophy. Its central aim is to help bring peace to the world by raising people’s consciousness and helping to meet the basic needs of all human beings, starting with truly nourishing food. Our self-serve store, communal life, WSRP, CSA, and Homeless Care programs are all practical manifestations of the Aparigraha vision. For more information on this project, please visit: