Using the Food

from the Kimberton CSA farm newsletter:

An important note is that although we essentially rinse the produce with water, we do not actively clean them. How "clean" or "sanitized" you want your vegetables is up to you at home! We do have some of the cleanest dirt you can find...but it is still dirt! I recommend purchasing a salad spinner if you do not already have one. It means you can wash your greens thoroughly whilst avoiding a potential soggy salad.

A little disclaimer. I'll be trying my best [in the newsletter] to be as accurate as possible with the "What's in the share this week" section so you can meal plan in advance. But it is subject to change on harvest day and won't necessarily include everything on the share that week.

I'll also try and get some recipes in the newsletter each week or at least some advice on how to cook and/or preserve some of the less common vegetables as they appear on the share. This can actually be quite difficult and time consuming as most contemporary recipes have evolved with the assumption that you have access to all types of produce all year round. It can be difficult, therefore, to find relevant recipes for the CSA harvest, especially in spring. I'll try my best.

I like to say that the CSA kinda flips contemporary cooking on its head. Instead of finding a recipe then going to the store to purchase the ingredients, with the CSA, you have the ingredients and then need to find a recipe! Whenever I have some produce and are unsure what to do I'll remember the old adage: approach love and cooking with reckless abandon! I'll also search <veggie name> and <recipes> on DuckDuckGo!


Suggestions to use Your Whole CSA Share Each Week

It is especially written for those who work outside the home, and want to eat better, but may have little time to cook. The guidelines below can help you prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner in one 40 minute cooking period. They were developed by a busy, long time CSA member who learned to cook using CSA food.

CSA Greens galore and how to use them

Our CSA offers a bountiful array of beautiful greens. Some members are thrilled about that, others are….not so sure. This will tell you WHY greens are an ideal staple of the diet, and then HOW to enjoy them: with 7 easy and delicious recipes that have been favorites of ashram guests for many years-- including young children. By Durga

Food preparation tips

How to cook beans. Make sprouts, Traditional Grains preparation and more.


This is a resource on information about CSA items as well as how to cook them. Recipes are largely the creation or suggestion of CSA members. If you find a new and delicious way to cook a CSA item, be sure to share it on the list serve!

Articles on Food and Nutrition

Complete Proteins. Uses for whey, Case against Monsanto, and more

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How the human body uses food

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