We can draw down billions of tons of carbon from the atmosphere

This news comes as the world watched the Global Climate Summit in Paris in late 2015, and by the way, It is also what biodynamic farmers have been saying and doing all along: HEAL THE SOIL

Click here for good news from 2 farmer / consumer organizations and 2 videos about regenerative agriculture.

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CSA Member Survey for 2015-16 season

In preparing the next CSA year, we are proposing a few changes in the price structure and request feedback from the membership to go forward. The changes are not dramatic but are intended to better reflect the administration and offer some benefit for those who make a bigger commitment to the CSA.

Enrolling and guiding new members and managing bi-weekly shares requires more administrative time while regular members keep it going year after year. The proposed price structure reflects this. It also covers aslight increase asked by the main farmer Erik, from Kimberton CSA, and maintains the same level of supplemental foods we get from other small farms (i.e. the organic and biodynamic fruits and dry goods, plus vegetables that the Kimberton farm cannot provide.) In contrast, for the last 2 years the price was the same for all except for an Early Bird discount for full year weekly members. Before that, for many years, the price was not changed more than $50-100 for the various types of membership.

Note: The results of this member survey were in full support of this change.

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Spring 2014 - news from the farms, the food climate, and the effect of recent changes made in the CSA

The farmers really need our support as they face Climate Change and this hostile political climate.  Our ability to choose what we eat is at stake.

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GMO - Genetically Modified Organisms are changing the nature of Nature

 - our earth home, the bodies we occupy and all living things.

It seems that little by little, as technology grows, sensitivity to life diminishes.  Yes, it is true that young people sitting at computers in the USA are trained to send drones to kill live human beings on the other side of the planet.  Is there no end to the demolition of life as we know it?  We may not be physically unconscious but are we growing mentally, emotionally, and spiritually unconscious?  The makers of GMOs are knowingly changing Nature, but we do not have to buy into it. 

Yes, we are inundated daily with doomsday dramas, information, choices and decisions making it increasingly challenging to manage the mounting stress and to live a pure life; but no, this is not another message to add guilt or despair to our repertoire.  This is a message for a simple step we can take to make a difference. 

The best and easiest way to avoid GMOs is to join a CSA (be sure it is organic or Biodynamic).  Food comes straight from a farm that you know and trust on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  Not only are you giving your Self and your family true food for life, but you will be giving support to organizations and farmers so they may continue to provide the true source of life. CSA is a new economic model that changes the rules of the game.  Instead of a competitive “free market” with winners and losers, the CSA model is a win for all.

The mission of Biodynamic farming is to heal the earth.  Some farmers even say that providing life-enriching food is incidental to this higher calling.  But providing food imbued with life force is exactly what they do.  It is noticeable in the taste and in the vitality of those who share in its abundance. 

Labeling laws are important to enable us to avoid GMO food but if you eat outside the industrial food system right now you are already preserving life and boycotting GMO, with the bonus of eating good and feeling good.  CSA is a win/win for our earth home, the bodies we occupy and all living things.

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The Dangers of Plastic Bags power point presentation