Piece by Peace Pasta

The goal of SFNM’s “Piece by Peace” pasta is to make nutritious and spiritually infused biodynamic wheat accessible to more people.

School of Life member Parvati makes each bag of pasta at the ashram. The seven and a half hours spent making 24 pounds of pasta in a day is one of mindfulness and meditation. For the entire day Parvati remains silent, or “in mouna,” in order to direct her full attention to the preparation of the food and to as she put, “to infuse it with spiritual energy.” To further enrich the pasta with peaceful and healing energy mantras are played in the kitchen. Once the pasta has been set out to dry the Aarti ritual is performed to make the food “prasad” or blessed.

However it is not just the devoted energy of Parvati who has made the pasta possible. Other School of Life members and volunteers have put in their own work, wisdom, and advice. Initially the pasta was made in a linguini style that continued to stick and clump together. After advice to add salt from Mirabai, some web surfing, and much experimentation - the macaroni style was chosen as one that dries well and holds its shape (without molding). The pasta machine was purchased with a loan from another SOL member and the drying rack was located and rehabilitated by SOL member Hanuman. Other volunteers worked together to clean the grease-caked rack (it is now spotless) and get it ready for use. Thanks to resourcefulness and the spirit of service, the current drying rack cost 1/5 of a new one.

The wheat grain comes from a large Biodynamic farm in North Dakota with the cooperation of Frankferd Farm for transportation. CSA members gather to unload the usually 150 or so 50lb bags (7,500 lbs) and move it into the cooler for storage. SOL members load 25 bags or so every 6 weeks to send to the bakery at Camphill Village in Pennsylvania where the baker mills it in their old-style, slow stone grinder (about 1 hour for 1 fifty lb bag) and either makes it into our bread or sends it back for pasta, baking mix and for sale to Spiritual Food members.

The end result is one that not only nourishes the soul, but the body too. The pasta is a nourishing combination of biodynamic wheat, olive oil, sea salt, and filtered water. Just one cup of pasta has almost three times the amount of fiber of regular pasta and twice the iron. These properties will keep your family full longer as well as promote heart health. The naturally occurring B vitamins in whole-wheat flour maintain a healthy nervous system and support the body in coping with stress. This special pasta is an especially nutritious addition to a vegetarian diet.

Whether you toss it with steamed biodynamic vegetables and garlic or dress it with a little yogurt and tamari sauce, make your own macaroni and cheese, or use it in any of your favorite pasta recipes- be sure to enjoy this very special pasta made with love and spiritual consciousness.

~by Elena