Let's Grow Together


An article from Let’s Grow Together, the SFNM Newsletter, Summer 2000 
~by Richard Okorn of Fertile Hills Farm

I wish now to move on and continue the discussion begun in previous issues. I will now attempt to explain my understanding of the basis for biodynamic agriculture. Faith as a basis for belief is substantial but not alone satisfying to me. I desire understanding. I think this is the wave that moves progress in modern man.

In his anthroposophical world view Rudolf Steiner presents to us a conception which includes more than the physical world. In an earlier issue it was mentioned that life giving forces are streaming from the cosmos to earth. From where do these forces come? We can learn a lot by looking at the word cosmos in the scriptures of the New Testament. This is the Greek word which has been translated “world.” We derive our word cosmetics from it. It denotes the idea of a covering which hides that which resides beneath. This something hidden behind the façade is true reality. This something which has been camouflaged behind the three-dimensional cosmetic that confronts our senses is referred to by Steiner as the Spirit. If one is capable of avoiding the temptation of being mesmerized through the senses by this three-dimensional distraction the spirit becomes apparent.

So, it is then the realm of the spirit which expresses itself to the soul. The apparatus of the physical body is the obstacle we souls as sojourners in the physical world must learn to overcome if we wish to perceive the source of those forces we seek.

By using such methods Steiner was able to present his agriculture course to those asking for it back in 1924. By observing the entities residing in the world of spirit and their influences he was able to give indications for collecting and concentrating these influences or forces, as you wish, for our consideration and application.