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Article by Home Grown Greens' Farmer- Clifton Middleton

Excerpts from a little booklet named:  Hard Seed

by Clifton Middleton, Homestead Florida

   The New Homestead Act Path to a Sustainable Future  

The purpose of the New Homestead Act is three fold; one, to establish a sustainable, organic based food production and distribution system based on renewable methods. Two, facilitate the acquisition, distribution, and sustainable development of long term family farm ownership.  And, three, the development and large scale deployment of the alternative energy systems including the transition to a hydrogen based energy source.

How all of these goals may be advanced is illustrated best by example.  Let us start with one, a One Thousand Acre tract of land.  Today, this land is being farmed using Agribusiness practices of corporate, industrial, petroleum based farming that treats the land as a giant container for ultra large scale hydroponic production using the common water table as the last waste container for toxic runoff. The labor for these giant farms is the modern day equivalent of slavery, low pay, so called illegal immigrants or anyone willing to work in the most hazardous enviroment around for little pay.   

So this modern Agribusiness model is expensive, ecologically devastating, dependent upon foreign oil, socially sterile, and morally reprehensible.  Corporate Agribusiness ownership and control of farm land essential for the survival of all people is unsustainable and undesirable at all practical levels. 

Garden Village: An Alternative Example  

We start with the same 1000 acres and divide it up into 200, 5 acre garden groves.  These small farms will be farmed by the folks who live on the land and share resources.  A central community complex will provide equipment used in processing and packaging of village grown produce.  The Garden Villages are designed to be energy and food producers, sustainable without degrading the environment.

This is all working towards the mission of refarming, rediscovering and restoring the nation to agricultural sustainability and the people back to the garden where they can move forward from a solid foundation.  This is not going back to the old times, the new farm model is smaller, smarter and focused on local grains, products and services and will make use direct marking and sales organizations such as CSAs, COOPs, and buying clubs.  Each of these little family farms is a name in the book of gardens, the sun of which is like unto the mythical Garden of Eden.