The CSA Farm

 Kimberton CSA is the source of Spiritual Food CSA's vegetables since 2010.   

Kimberton CSA
415 W. Seven Stars Road, Kimberton PA 19460


Kimberton CSA is the primary provider for the Spiritual Food CSA.

It is a Demeter Certified Biodynamic and Organic farm.

Begun in 1987, Kimberton CSA was the first CSA in the state of PA, and among the first in the nation. It is a ten acre biodynamic/organic mixed vegetable market garden. The land has been used agriculturally since the time of William Penn, and was converted to biodynamic practices in the 1930’s when Ehrenfried Pfeiffer came over from Germany to help implement the agricultural teachings of Rudolf Steiner. Irrigation water for the garden comes from French Creek, which is tested annually and consistently receives exceptional quality ratings by the US Geological Service. Adjacent land is in use by Seven Stars Farm (a biodynamic dairy which produces the popular Seven Stars Yogurt) whose cows produce the important fertilization for the Kimberton garden. The garden currently provides for approximately 175 local PA members, and another 170 Maryland/VA/DC members.

Andrew Turner and Frank Kurylo met as interns on the Kimberton CSA farm in 2013, fast became friends and began dreaming about having their own farm some day.  When Birgit and Erik Landowne who had been there since 2002, decided to move north in the fall of 2016, Andrew and Frank were first in line to take over the CSA garden which they did in January 2017.  Birgit said, about their first week back in Kimberton: "The transition will be fine, it's as thought they never left."  Several interns work alongside them from April through November. They receive a place to live, food from the garden, and a small stipend in exchange for a season of work, while learning the skills and gaining the experience necessary to eventually succeed on their own farms. This is the best way to provide training for a new generation of Biodynamic farmers, and Kimberton CSA is committed to continuing this tradition.

Click here for more pictures of the farm.

Click here for a peek at some of the things going on at the CSA farm in Kimberton in mid-Julyby Hanuman, July 29. 2014

Why Does Biodynamic Certification Matter?
Farms that are BD certified not only meet standards set for organic certification, such as abstaining from toxic chemicals for fertility and pest control-- they also apply special herbal formulations and composts to revitalize the earth. The farm is treated as a self-contained, self-supporting living organism. Careful stewardship of the land ensures the long-term health of the farm’s soil, plants, and animals.

Biodynamic agriculture is labor intensive, requires specialized training, and requires knowledge of the effect of planetary forces to maximize plant growth, health and vitality. While this may sound strange, we are all familiar for example with how the full moon affects rising tides. In a similar way, BD farmers take into account the effects of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter on plant life. By understanding the effect of each particular planetary rhythm, ground preparation, sowing, cultivating, and harvesting can be timed to benefit the crops. These practices maximize the flow of these forces into the earth, and into the plant, maximizing its vitality and that of the consumers. Biodynamic agriculture was taught by Rudolph Steiner with a view to nourishing not only the physical body but the astral, mental, and spiritual bodies of humankind, paving the way for a more highly evolved planet and society.

Kimberton CSA received the Biodynamic certification renewal within the first year (it does not carry over when a farm changing hands.  Congratulations Frank and Andrew!

The crop chart is a general list of what the farm expects to grow each year and the approximate time of harvest. The gardeners do their best to plant and harvest as much as possible but the vagaries of weather and other factors do undoubtedly change some plans while new items may surprise us.  See What is in a share?
to find the new crop chart Frank and Andrew have provided for spring, summer, fall and winter.

VOLUNTEERS: Lend a hand
Anyone is welcome to lend a hand on the farm for as much or as little time as you wish, on as regular or irregular a schedule as you wish. (Maryland members, Contact spiritualfood@ if interested.)

This photo is of Erik and Birgit, our beloved farmers for 14 years having a good time in the greenhouse.
We need to support every small farmer, but particularly Biodynamic farmers who are the pioneers of spiritual farming which benefits local community, local agriculture, the members, animals, and the greater environment. Putting the CSA model into practice is a great step in the right direction towards an economic paradigm shift, that can help to correct many maladies of society, both social and environmental.

This logo of the Kimberton CSA is a drawing of some of the beautiful purple martin
birdhouses in the garden built and maintained by their local members.