All Other Pickup Locations

Members who pick up at all sites other than Bethesda, will receive a letter from the host of their pick up site. 
Below is VERY important information about the boxes used for your food. Please read this along with the Member Handbook (under this link) and Philosophy of the CSA (under Vision) for general information and inspiration.

For all members who do not pick up in Bethesda, your shares will be pre-packed and delivered in re-useable folding boxes.  Besides being environmentally and economically friendly, your food won’t get crushed and can be kept reasonably separate even without plastic bags.  Loose greens will be tucked into corners so things can be sorted out easily at your home. On occasions when there are several varieties of loose items, we may use paper sheets to separate them.  


Bread and the occasional item in a paper bag will NOT be put in the veggie box so they don’t get wet.  You will need to be on alert to take that from a separate big plastic bin – usually we’ll use one with a blue cover and will stack it near the boxes.  The weekly share list posted on the CSA yahoo listserve and also posted at your pick up site will tell you when to look for bread and what is in the share.  BYO bag for the bread.


PLEASE, PLEASE watch this 2 minute Box folding video so the boxes don’t get torn.


VERY IMPORTANT – the boxes are to be re-used again and again.  Your CSA invested in these waxy folding veggie boxes so please handle them properly and BRING THEM BACK EACH WEEK when you pick up your next share.  

  • Avoid pulling open as that tears the flaps and the boxes have to be thrown out.  Instead, bend the flaps on top and bottom and slide out

  • Make sure it’s clean and dry.  

  • Flatten and return the following week when you pick up again.


There may be coolers or other boxes at your pick up site (for members of the Essene Church of Peace who are supplied with dairy and other raw products, and for those who order additional items from Spiritual Food).  Please be mindful and do not take anything from these by mistake.


If you send another person to pick up your share



That’s all there is to it!  


 Om Shanti