Meet the Team

Victor (Vyasa) Landa
Founder and Spiritual Head



Lakshmi Landa

General Manager and Bethesda Host

"CSA brings out the best in us as individuals, community and society; and we could also say physically, mentally, socially and spiritually.  Throughout the seasons and the years, no matter what's going on in me or in the world, Wednesday mornings at the CSA feels good and feels right."



Farm Transport & Deliveries

"I feel lucky to be able to take a drive in the country every week and see the Amish plowing with horses and the beautiful fields.  Our farmers are truly scientists when it comes to educating themselves on soil fertility and crop health.  They work in the  hot sun, the driving rain and have crawled on their bellies in the freezing cold to harvest food when the row covers were frozen to the ground.  We are truly blessed to have people like them growing for us."


General Inquiries, Membership and Special Orders

"I learned to cook using the CSA food, and it has been wonderful to handle the freshly harvested vegetables, many of which had never tried before. Am grateful to have food that is grown specifically to provide spiritual nourishment, and to support small farmers at a time when we lose US farms every day."



Set Up and Local Deliveries Preparation

"The best part of the CSA for me is being outside getting sunlight while I work.  It gives me energy and makes me envy a little the work of the farmer."

Meet the Hosts


Jill Nusbaum, Arlington Hostess
703-243-9212 h; 703-400-5695 c

"Our lives changed radically for the better when we joined the CSA several years ago. We love the fresh, delicious food, and the fact that it is grown with concern for our environment. Hosting the CSA is a way for us to support and connect more closely with this community. "

Sarah Cahill, Cabin John Hostess
301-580-4088 c

"Being part of this CSA community has changed the way I eat!  My meals are all planned around the freshly picked food which has incredible flavor and is grown with love.  When I eat the greens I can literally feel the nourishment soaking into my bones!"

The Carpenters, Capitol Hill Hosts

"Every week feels like Christmas when you are a part of a CSA.  My favorite thing to do when we receive our amazingly fresh bounty is to take everything out and just stare lovingly at what came from the ground.  From there we plan our meals and give thanks to our health and vitality!"

Justine Larson, Takoma Park Hostess
240-779-5465 c

"Justine Larson and Chapin White have two kids, ages 8 and 6, and have been living in Takoma Park since 2006.  They work in the health field, and love being part of the CSA."

Sunny Kaplan, WWS Hostess
202-288-3831 c

"I am so thankful for the huge variety of organic produce and staples that my family receives from the CSA each week and for the entire community that makes it possible--from our dedicated farmers to all the volunteers. It gives me a lot of pleasure to play a small role in this process!"