How to Join

To become a member of the CSA simply send in the registration form with your payment. Pick up locations; price and payment options are on the form.

Within a few weeks you will receive a confirmation e-mail, and a month before the season starts, a Welcome letter with general information and a letter from the host of your pick-up site.

Since farmers need to plan their seed purchases, planting, and labor needs long before the start of a season, CSA registration starts 4 months before the new season.  Longer commitments offer a lower price to members in exchange for security for the farmer.

To confirm your registration, payment must be received; we cannot hold shares.
  • Pick up is on WEDNESDAYS
  • Pick up locations:  Bethesda, Arlington, Cabin John, Washington Waldorf School, Capitol Hill, Cheverly, Takoma Park. Tenleytown is a potential new site. The main site is near downtown Bethesda at 4209 East-West Highway, Chevy Chase, MD 20815. (A 10 minute walk from the metro station)  -- inquire about starting a new group with 10 or more people
  • The full year 50 week "season" runs from end of May to end of May the following year. We also offer a Summer/Fall 26 week season through mid November and a Winter/Spring 24 week season from Thanksgiving to the end of May the following year (skipping 2 weeks at the holiday).
  • Pick up time depends on your location. It is normally from early afternoon (noon, 1 or 2:00) to 8 pm or so.
  • Share price is $2000 for the full year of 50 weeks. The weekly average is $40 (best price/share).
  • Summer/Fall (26 weeks) is $1100 and Winter/Spring (24 weeks) is $1000.
  • School Year option for people who are away for the Summer (36 weeks) is $1500 weekly
  • Half shares are available for bi-weekly pick up.  See the Registration form for prices; again, a full year commitment is best price.
  • Registration deadline
    • The sooner the better so the farmers can count on us!
    • The annual registration drive starts in February each year
    • The mid-year Winter drive begins in August but you can register in advance from February on
    • Contact us anytime to see about joining after the season has begun
  • A 6 week trial is available for new members any time of year.
For payment, checks (or cash)may be a lump sum or may be divided into installments, as outlined on the registration form.  Installment checks are post-dated and should all be included with your registration form; reminder notices are e-mailed before installment payments are deposited.
  If you have difficulty paying according to this schedule, please contact us and we will look at options. Credit cards are not currently being accepted.

Please bear in mind it is your responsibility to pay the full CSA amount and time spent tracking payments or reminding people to pay is time taken away from other important CSA duties. This is the reason for requesting the whole fee be included with the registration even if it is in post-dated checks.

More Food?

The weekly share is a good amount of food - usually 14-16 or more of a wide variety of items in Summer and 10-12 in Winter (some heavier items).  However, if you need more of certain items, you can order most of the dry goods (we call this special orders) and other extras from Spiritual Food from the New Millennium. Packages can be made and set aside for you in Bethesda or sent on the van to other locations. Actually, anyone can order for pick up in Bethesda or for shipment anywhere in the country via Fed Ex ground service, however only current CSA members can expect delivery on Wednesdays to their location. This includes milk and other special items for members of the Essene Church of Peace.