Living Beyond the CSA

Summary of article from Real Green Winter 2009 issue by Alexia

How to use the power of your food dollars for eating well and doing good:

Buy Local and Organic

Support communities financially, culturally, living-wage jobs for farmers

Curb global warming emissions by reducing food miles

Buy Fair Trade

Sustains livelihoods and communities of small-scale farmers

Helps raise living standards by guaranteeing fair prices for the harvest

Support Family Farms

Organic Valley & Equal Exchange are two cooperatives who network American family farms

Striving for a more equitable and cooperative economy

Protect America’s Farm Workers

The UFW helps farm workers to organize to effect change

Advocate for fair wages and healthy working conditions

Agricultural Justice Project develops standards for what social justice means in context of sustainable, organic agriculture

A Hand Up for the Unemployed

Enterprises that produce food as vehicles for training and employing people Also employment program caterers who provide much-needed jobs and job training