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October 2009

Letter from Vyasa to then Farmer Sebastian when the farm had had a difficult season and shortages of some crops:

October 21, 2009
Namaste Sebastian:
Thank you for your heart felt message about the CSA. We are sorry that you feel that way, especially since it is unnecessary.  We, as a matter of fact, welcome that such a situation has come up in order to validate what we espouse as a principle, that is to support Biodynamic Farming and Biodynamic Farmers as part of the stalwart founders of civilization on this planet. * 
Our commitment is based on Spiritual Principles, that means money is not a main part of the equation, on the contrary, it is the deification of money that has and is undermining the spiritual nature of the human being.
We welcome this situation because it will also be an opportunity for our members to test our resolve and find out whether we put our money where our mouth is.
Financial challenges have been with the world for the last year and a half, and there are still voices of concern whether there will be a real recovery or not; climate change is another ghost looming over the planet, and violence in the form of war seems to be here on the planet to stay (a fact acknowledged by those responsible for "…war without end..." ).
It is evident therefore that one way or another we need to be prepared for challenging times, for new ways of thinking and acting. This gives us a tiny taste of it.
Our membership so far has proven enthusiastic and convinced that this model, with its economic implications, is quite rewarding not only in direct benefits but also in indirect such as learning to prepare different foods, to eat with the seasons and local, to offer time to volunteer, experiencing the satisfaction of cooperation and working for the good of all etc., etc.
It is not our intention to put pressure on you, and you must evaluate your strengths, time constraints and limitations, but having a year round CSA seems almost an imperative. Self-sufficiency in trying times is a saving proposition; the symbiotic relationship between farmer and members makes it more relevant.
We learn through our mistakes and through harmonious and persistent interaction with Mother Nature, learning her ways a bit at a time, until we find a way that works. We trust your professionalism and beautiful spirit but realize that there are many personal factors and time constraints that need to be considered in such a decision.

Your vision of an Agricultural Community as the future for Kimberton Hills Camphill Village is an heroic and beautiful task that surely demands most if not all of your time.  The demands of time and ingenuity for such a transformation could certainly even force you to sacrifice the time that otherwise you would allocate to make a year round CSA a reality, and that we understand.

 Om Shanti,
 Peace be with you,
 Victor (Vyasa) Landa
* Daniel Webster:  “Cultivation of the earth is the most important labor of man. When tillage begins, other art follows. The farmers, therefore are the founders of civilization.”