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Fall of 2010

Fall of  2010

Namaste Revered Selves:
First, a word of praise for all the members of the CSA: it is so wonderful to know that there are 150 like-minded families that participate in an endeavor that is not necessarily self-centered, but oriented to the well-being of the community and world. It is really a joy to see the number of volunteer tasks taken on by the members, especially because there is no reward attached to their service, no reduction in the price you pay to join the CSA, nor it can be used to "improve their resume" (i.e., it will not say much in a job application that you spent a whole afternoon bagging beans!). It is wonderful to hear how people enjoy working with their hands, instead of in a concrete box in front of a computer.
It is very uplifting to read the messages in the Yahoo group, people providing recipes to those who need help, sharing their experiments with new food preparation and their excitement about the quality of the food-- its life giving properties, and their happiness to know that they are truly nurturing their family and that we are helping the whole world by supporting the Biodynamic form of agriculture which takes care of the soil and the environment. Also, that we are working our way towards paying a fair price for the food the farmers are growing so that more young people feel attracted to this mode of service and "right livelihood "as Buddha said. Agriculture should be understood as holding an enlightening treasure. It is said about the Essene Brotherhood that in comparatively desert areas they produced a large variety of fruits and vegetables of the highest quality and great abundance. They considered gardening educational, a key to the understanding of the whole universe, revealing all its laws. Nature was their Bible, they say; "Man is an integral part of nature. Individual and society's health depend on the degree of harmony attained with the natural laws and cosmic forces. Unity with nature is the foundation of economy, social relationships, and society. Societies flourish when based on a simple agrarian lifestyle, and decay when distanced from nature."
Sadly, in our times, we see the contrary: day by day it becomes more clear how the food sources are deteriorating faster than global warming, as a matter of fact the effect of global warming on this process of deterioration is minimal compared to the effect that agribusiness has on this process.
As you know The Essene Church of Peace, a non profit, is an off-shoot of our efforts to promote true food and extend the opportunities for Karma Yoga (Selfless service or volunteering) to the wider community. Feeding about 100 homeless persons on a biweekly basis has attracted now the presence of three families (father, mother and children.) It started with the Banks family, followed by the Thomas - Gulden family and last time by the Luck family. Children really enjoy the opportunity to use their skills and are very happy to extend a helping hand to those in need. This is a good preparation for testing times to come. As we see the financial situation also deteriorating, we need to be willing and ready to work together in harmony and love and to extend a helping hand to those troubled ones.
To end on a good note, we must remember that throughout history man has been able to cope with the hardest challenges and come out on top. There is no reason why now it is not going to be that way, but we must contribute with our positive thinking to ensure the outcome, Courage and Faith in God being the main ingredients.
Om Shanti
Peace Be With You
Victor (Vyasa) Landa
(301) 654 6759