About Us

The CSA is a project of the School of Life

Spiritual Food CSA started in 1998 with 26 shares served out of our Bethesda home and have now grown to 7 pick up sites in the DC Metro area, serving about 150 families. We remain a low-tech, people-oriented, “spiritual family” based business.  (The staff are members of a live-in Yoga community that practices frugality and simplicity.)

SFCSA is a Consumer Based CSA, meaning we as consumers sought out a farmer to provide high quality food for our community. To learn more about the various CSA structures, see http://www.fix.com/blog/farm-to-table/.   Our main vegetable farm is Kimberton CSA now certified Biodynamic and Organic through the Demeter Association.  For more information on the farm and its wonderful gardeners Birgit and Erik Landowne see Kimberton CSA.  Spiritual Food CSA provides foods to supplement the vegetables from Kimberton CSA to round out the share content and to support more farms and providers.

We currently work with:
  • 5 farms for vegetables and eggs throughout the year
  • 7 farms for fruit
  • 2 small producers (bakery, cheese)
  • a Farmer's cooperative and a distributor (that started as a family farm) for some of the dry goods
All our providers are Biodynamic or organic. To learn more about the farms that provide our supplements, please go to the Meet the Farmers section for interviews and photos.

We support farmers who heal the soil, and produce foods imbued with cosmic forces to support superior physical health and spiritual growth. Our focus is on consciousness raising and social change. CSA is an alternative economic model that ensures farmers a good income and gives protection from demeaning market forces. We also reach out to people who cannot afford to belong to a CSA — weekly surplus goes to local families and the farm donates produce that is included in a meal for 150 homeless people by our volunteer teams. OUR BOTTOM-LINE IS SERVICE TO AN IDEAL.