What's Unique about SFCSA

  • SFCSA is a year-round CSA, providing 100% Biodynamic and Sattwic Organic food.
  • We are a consumer-based program, that supports several small family farms and artisans, in addition to our primary vegetable farm.
  • Shares are designed to be well-balanced nutritionally, and well rounded, offering not only an array of greens and vegetables but also staples like fresh and dried fruit, bread, eggs, whole grains and legumes, for superior nutrition that helps members minimize trips to the grocery store.
  • Members may add foods to their share from our nation-wide mail order food service (MOS.)
  • Volunteering opportunities enrich the experience (encouraged but not required.)
  • We (CSA staff and community volunteers) prepare a meal for 120-150 homeless people every week from produce donated by the farm.  Our mission is service to humankind and the planet.
  • We support farmers who heal the soil and produce foods imbued with cosmic forces to support superior physical health and spiritual growth. (To read more about Biodynamics please go to Why Biodynamics.)
  • Consciousness raising and social change are a core component of this CSA.