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Given the disturbing erosion of moral and social values in the world around us, it is a great privilege to be part of such an evolved social initiative that gives us access to the highest quality food and inspires the highest in us as human beings at the same time. 
In gratitude,
Sheila Johns

"We have enjoyed the delicious food and nourishment the CSA has given us! Between the beautiful full spinach greens, making kimchi with the nappa cabbage, dried fruit, eggs, varied breads and learning ways to cook pounds of turnips, the CSA has been a wonderful addition to our winter and spring :) We have talked to our friends about the CSA and posted brochures in the neighborhood coffee shop." ~ Leah

"Can't say enough about how they changed the way my family eats. They are good at providing recipes. For example, I would never ever buy and eat collard greens, sweet potatoes and this crazy looking white carrot before ... Dikon? Now I am making smoothie soup in just ten min and love the taste. I feel like someone added more life into me. I blend any sauteed veggie with milk to get a cream soup and that's how I get my kids to eat the veggies...!" ~ Anna B

"We are really enjoying 'Spiritual Foods,' the biodynamic CSA we joined earlier this year. The vegetables and eggs (and occasional other treats like fresh bread, apples, cheese, sea salt, grains) are fresh and tasty. The farmers are nice. The price is reasonable. If anyone is looking for a CSA, we recommend them!" ~ Jane