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Member Survey

What Our Members Tell Us

We regularly survey our members for their feedback on share content, share size, and so on. Our January 2016 survey showed:

About 80% were satisfied with the overall quantity of food;

About 75% satisfied with the more challenging things like repeating items;

A whopping 93% satisfied with the unusual items.

Those who find the quantity too much for themselves or their families have chosen the bi-weekly memberships and are happy with that option.

Most of what people said they prefer to eat in winter is what is already provided in the shares. This is a great testimony to members’ high level of consciousness and dedication to eat seasonally, and to the careful share planning that considers what is best for members.

90% are happy with the amount of dry goods or “supplements” we provide i.e. grains, legumes, dried fruit.

To use the whole share and avoid waste, many use up food in soups, smoothies, and vegetable juice. Many members share with others what they cannot use, and surprisingly and admirably, many members compost to give back to Mother earth what she can use for her work.

These figures help explain why most people who do a 6 week trial end up becoming full members.

We credit our renewal rate mainly to a carefully designed share—in cooperation with our growers
that is balanced nutritionally through the year and has been developed and refined over our 16 year history.

This kind of planning is possible because we are a consumer based CSA that chooses to support several small Biodynamic and organic growers. This helps ensure that in the event of a crop failure, the shortage can be supplemented with a different crop from a different grower. In all our years we only once had a season where our primary farmer’s yield was significantly less than expected, but even so, most members did not notice, due to our carefully planned supplements program.

During the winter-spring season (Nov-May), when generally less food is available, members receive a truly comparable food value to the summer months.

Moreover, our special orders program allows you to order extra items that your family especially enjoys in addition to what is provided in the share, even further expanding your options.

Spiritual Food CSA is a win-win-win arrangements: for farmers, consumers, and Mother Earth.