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Special Orders

Want to know more about special orders?
You can view or download a list of what is available at the bottom of this page.

This section is to introduce you to, or remind you about, the national counterpart to the CSA, which is Spiritual Food for the New Millennium. (SFNM)
SFNM was started by Victor (Vyasa Deva) Landa back in 1997,  when, struck by the potential of Biodynamic food to be a catalyst for spiritualizing people's consciousness, he and his wife Lakshmi took over the then "lame-horse" Mail Order Service (MOS) of the Biodynamic Farmers and Gardeners Association (BDA).
From the beginning, the primary mission of SFNM has been to support Biodynamic Farmers by assuming the burden of marketing and distributing the food, allowing them to focus on the vital work of farming, and ensuring that not only fair, but ideally good, compensation was paid to the farmer for the fruits of his or her labor. The idea from the beginning has been to move away from predatory corporate practices and destructive market forces, and to provide True Food at a time when the "conventional"  agriculture yields spiritually impoverishing and physically poisonous "food." 
You may well imagine that this was a significant task, involving: contacting the farmers; becoming a food distribution center; coordinating orders and physically packaging up the food; and perhaps most challenging--creating a customer base who, by consistent educational efforts, was willing to pay sometimes  higher than market prices  (and shipping costs) for this precious, soul and body nurturing food. (For more information on why Biodynamics is so special, see the website of the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association:  Biodynamics.com.  Three beautiful small books were born during this process, which explain the inspirations behind and the ideals ahead of this ultimately monumental project. They are:
  • Biodynamic  Farmers: Backbone of a Spiritual (R)evolution
  • Peaceful (R)evolution, Spiritual Food and Social Transformation
  • A Plan of Action, The impact of Demeter Biodynamic Agriculture on Consumers
and are all available at schooloflife.org/spiritualfood in print from the center. We really encourage members to read these booklets to gain a better sense of how by simply being a member of SF CSA you are truly a part of something beautiful and noble.
The CSA was created as a local counterpart to the MOS, to bring Biodynamic food to local people (in the beginning for the ashram's own students!! starting with 26 shares in 1998), and as an additional support for the farmers which SFNM worked with throughout the country. For example, thanks to the CSA, SFNM is able to purchase Farmer John Krohn's whole citrus crop. And of course, CSA members derive great benefit from having access to the output of SFNM's other providers, from whom we get the grain for our bread, eggs (truly free range), apples, dried fruit, as well special items such as raw cheese, apple cider vinegar, raw honey, Biodynamic black and green tea, nuts and seeds, other grains such as rolled oats, rice, etc. 
You can place an order with us any time you like for items beyond the CSA weekly shares. Please see the attached product list below for what is available.  (If the list below is outdated, you'll find a current one, as well as books and other items available from the Shanti Yoga Ashram, at schooloflife.org/spiritualfood under the Mail Order Service link.)
E-mail shantiyoga2@schooloflife.org or call 301-654-4899 with your order, and it will either be shipped direct to you from the farm, or be sent to your CSA pick-up site as a "special order."  (If it citrus or another farm order we'll need your mailing address and please be on the lookout for it on your doorstep.)
Gift Boxes are also a wonderful way to introduce others to Biodynamic food. You can create a 'care package" of your choosing. Can also include other items carried by the ashram (like incense, natural soaps, etc.)
Thank you for your commitment to support Biodynamic Farmers, to care for the earth,
and to contribute to the world via higher consciousness.