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Registration is open now for SUMMER/FALL 2018 and our FULL CSA YEAR June '18 - May '19

You may also register now for the SCHOOL YEAR (Sept to May) or the Winter/Spring season (Dec-May)
see below for forms to print

For the Summer/Fall and Full Year you may use our ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM or you may print the form at the bottom of this page.  In either case, payment must be mailed or brought in to the Bethesda location to complete your membership.  The mailing address is on the form.  A lump sum or series of installments can be paid by check - see installment plan at bottom of the form.  If you will be paying in cash, call ahead so we may know when to expect you 301-654-4899. 

Prefer credit card??? . . . . NEW THIS YEAR! 

www.1000EcoFarms.com is a new platform to give more visibility to Spiritual Food CSA and also to accept credit cards for registration.  In the search box enter CSA, then Washington DC and look for this logo for the 4 options for our seasons & the 6 wk trial option.

The credit card option is currently for lump sum payments only.  Installment option coming soon. The prices are slightly higher to cover administrative costs.

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(1000EcoFarms happens to be based in Bethesda - thank  you Liz and Mark for everything!)


Season already started?  While commitment for a season is what CSA is all about, if you just found out about it or missed the beginning, contact us to pick a starting date and prorate the cost.

CSA Trial?  We understand that joining a CSA can be a big change in lifestyle.  New people who are hesitant to commit for a season may try a share for 6 weeks.  Choose the registration form for the current time of year.

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