Something is happening. There’s a shift taking place. An awakening. A connecting of the dots between our soil, climate, and food. Between our health, and the health of our entire ecosystem.
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 Support Committed Farms, Food Security and Your Family's Nutrition

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100% Biodynamic and Organic Truly Nutritious Food
healthy variety of fresh greens and other veggies,eggs, fruit and more

Not all “organic” food is the same -  know who grows your food and how

You know how much I love the CSA. First I am very moved by the work that the CSA does to support the farmers, the environment, and to promote our health (all interconnected). I am amazed every time I get the box by the delicious, nourishing and beautiful produce that we receive  - the best vegetables you can find. I am so impressed by the quality of the produce: the depth of flavor, color, and variety.    These are the tomatoes of my childhood. -- Debbie Sobeloff

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